UV Sterilizing

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There’re many factors about UV Sterilizer, like bacteria types, ambient temperature, humidity etc. Firstly, you shall check the UV wavelength. Not all UV light can be used as sterilizer. UVA & UVB cannot disinfect anything. UVC lamp are widely used to do disinfection, the wavelength from 200nm to 280nm.

UV sterilization is most determined by two parameters:

  1. The sterilizing dose = The radiation intensity of UV light (μW/cm²) x exposure time (seconds);
  2. Type of bacteria and the environment.

Normally, a new 30W UV lamp has a radiation intensity of 90-100μW/cm² at a distance of 1m. UVC with intensity over 90 μW/cm² can kill SARS coronavirus after 60 minutes’ exposure.

Notes: Prolonged UV exposure causes certain damage to the stuff, like speeding up the plastic ageing, so the exposure time shall not be for too long. For common disinfection, 30mins would be fine.

Cautions: Remember to do protection when using UVC light. It would cause harm to eyes and skin.

What’s more, UV Sterilizer Wand is not effective against mites!

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